Terms of Entry

Eligibility to Enter for an Award

The Realestate.com.kh Cambodia Real Estate Awards (Awards) are presented to eligible real estate industry companies and individual professionals who the judges believe have shown excellence in the award categories, as judged by the relevant evidence supplied by entrants.

The awards are operated by Realestate.com.kh (the trading name of Online Real Estate Co., Ltd.).

You are eligible to enter the Awards if:

  1. Throughout the award period and as at the date of the award gala dinner, you were:
    • Registered with the Ministry of Economy & Finance (MEF) with the applicable licenses required for the relevant Award that you are entering or nominated for;
    • A member of the Cambodian Valuers & Estate Agents Association (individual agents applying for awards must also be registered with the CVEA).
  2. Throughout the award period and as at the date of the award gala dinner none of the following matters apply to you:
    • You are the subject of, or are aware (or could reasonably be aware) that you are the subject of an inquiry by any Cambodian government department regarding unpaid taxes or MEF licenses.
    • You are the subject of, or are aware (or could reasonably be aware) that you are to be a defendant in any criminal proceeding in Cambodia in relation to:
      • Bankruptcy
      • Insolvency
      • Dishonesty
      • Fraud
      • Drugs
      • Sex crimes (pornography, human trafficking, peadophilia)
      • Bribery or corruption
      • Misleading or deceptive conduct
      • Trust moneys
      • Violence
      • Taxation
  3. You accept these terms and conditions of entry and confirm your eligibility to submit your nomination entry.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

Please read and accept these terms and conditions before submitting your entry nomination to enter the awards.

  1. The Awards categories, relevant criteria and terms and conditions contained in this Cambodia Real Estate Award Handbook (Handbook) are the definitive eligibility and judging criteria for the Cambodia Real Estate Awards.
  2. Each Award has its own criteria as set out in the Handbook. You must comply with the criteria. If your entry does not comply with the criteria it will be ineligible, but may be assigned to another category to which it does comply at the sole discretion of Realestate.com.kh.
  3. Your entry must be submitted by post, or hand - delivered to Realestate.com.kh offices by the date stated above. Entries received after this time will be ineligible.
  4. If Realestate.com.kh considers that there are insufficient or no eligible entries for one or more Awards, it may, at its sole discretion, extend the Award deadline or cancelled for the applicable Awards.
  5. All entries must be approved by a Director or CEO of the relevant companies and the name and phone number of the relevant approving Director must be contained in the entry.
  6. All Award entries must be made by the individual who is entering the relevant Award and by entering, that individual therefore approves their entry.
  7. Entries for the Cambodia Real Estate Hall of Fame may be made by anybody, on behalf of any person that meets the relevant eligibility criteria. Nominees will be advised and they may elect whether to approve their entry into the Awards.
  8. Entrants (and those nominated individuals for the Cambodia Real Estate Hall of Fame) are solely responsible for costs and expenses incurred in preparing and submitting an entry and attending the Awards Gala Dinner.
  9. On submitting an entry you agree:
    • You cannot withdraw your entry, add, alter or substitute it. You also confirm that the information in your entry is true and correct and the matters within it occurred entirely within the award period.
    • Your entry becomes the property of the Cambodia Real Estate Awards (as operated by Realestate.com.kh) and will not be returned to you.
    • Your entry may be disqualified if you are ineligible to enter, or it does not meet the entry criteria, or contains false or misleading information. However, this disqualification will not be publicized.
    • If it is obvious to Realestate.com.kh on the face that your entry has been submitted in an incorrect category, Realestate.com.kh may, at its sole discretion, assign it to a category that it considers appropriate, and such a decision is final and not open to question.
    • The identities of the specific judges of your entry are confidential and will not be disclosed to you.
    • The judge's’ decision on your entry is final and binding on you, and is not open to question or dispute.
  10. With the exception of all and any financial, rental, sales, or similar data - all of which will remain strictly confidential - Realestate.com.kh may use any part your entry to promote the Awards by any medium, such as public voting for the Awards, the Award winners, Gala Dinner Awards Speech and future Cambodia Real Estate Awards (or their equivalent). Any publicly available information that is submitted by nominees, such as Government Licensing, is not subject to the same strict confidentiality.
  11. In relation to Awards based partly or wholly on public votes, Realestate.com.kh will promote the written, video and photographic images provided in your entry, inclusive of your company logo. Realestate.com.kh may also use other non-confidential aspects of application, including, but not limited to client testimonials.
  12. Your contact details may be provided to suppliers and marketing agencies engaged by Realestate.com.kh to promote the awards.
  13. If you are the winner of an Award in the category in which you have entered (or to which you have been assigned by Realestate.com.kh) you will be licensed the use of the CREA Award Seal and receive a Certificate in accordance with the terms contained in clause 14 below. Certain selected award winners may also receive a physical Award Trophy as determined by Realestate.com.kh.
  14. Limited license to use the Cambodia Real Estate Award Seal:
    • Realestate.com.kh owns the seal (logo image) depicted below:
    • We grant the winners of the Awards a non-exclusive license to use the seal in connection with being a winner of one or more of the Cambodia Real Estate Awards 2024.
    • Your license to use the seal commences from the date of the announcement of you winning the Award (ordinarily, the Cambodia Real Estate Award Gala Dinner) and will continue until terminated by Realestate.com.kh at its sole discretion. You acknowledge that others will also be licensed the use of the seal.
    • You acknowledge and agree to immediately cease using the seal at any point during the non-exclusive license should any of the matters contained in clause 2 of Eligibility Criteria apply to you.
    • Your license is exclusive to you and may not be assigned in any way (for instance, if your real estate agency is renamed).
    • You acknowledge that Realestate.com.kh owns the seal at all times and the license to you does not create any right, title or intellectual property to it.
    • You must use the seal in its entirety without any modification.
    • Realestate.com.kh will not formulate any marketing material for you, nor provide you any assistance with your marketing or promotion.
    • We disclaim all liability in relation to the use of the seal and you indemnify us from any claim in relation to its use.
    • Realestate.com.kh may change the design, color, size or any other aspect of the seal. If we do so, we will notify you in writing to the email address contained in your entry submission and you agree to comply with the notified changes as soon as possible.
    • Realestate.com.kh may terminate your license to use the seal for any reason and at any time and will notify you in writing to the email address contained in your entry and you agree to comply with this termination of license as soon as possible.