The Official Auditor will oversee the entire judging process of CREA 2024. The official auditor, they will work to ensure that the process is objective, fair and done with integrity from start to finish.

The Auditor will review completed entry forms to check that they meet all criteria, including individual and company necessary registrations, licenses and tax patents related to their businesses for the real estate agencies, developers and developments entering the awards.

Judges will then score entrants and submit scores to the Auditor. The Auditor will do a final check and present their results to the judges.

A representative of the official Auditor will be present at meetings of the judges to ensure that award criteria and guidelines are strictly followed. The MEF gives final approvals for all of the CREA winners.


Participants will be judged by a highly experienced team of professionals who cover a range of property-related disciplines. The judging panel will use a robust framework that ensures the application process is equitable and impartial.

Outside of determining the judging criteria, terms and conditions of entrants and panel members, will remain totally independent of the judging results. The final decision on all awards will be left to the judging panel, in combination with the weighted votes of the general public.


Given the CREA’s value of public involvement, a portion of the judging will take into account public votes which will be conducted via the event website and social media channels. Different award categories will include different weightings for consumer voting, depending on the nature of the award and the relevancy of public opinion to that award.


All nominees must have the necessary registrations, licenses and tax  patents related to their business activities. The legitimacy of entrants will be overseen by representatives of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association (CVEA).